It can be hard to rehearse as an improv team. Especially in the beginning.

When you make the jump from classes to rehearsing on your own then hiring a coach can be a great idea. A good coach eases the transition into independence and helps you focus and improve rapidly. They can provide an outside eye, suggest exercises and help you get to where you want to go more quickly.

I have been coaching improv teams for over 5 years. I created and subsequently coached The Science of Living Things for almost two of those years. During that time we met on a weekly basis. I believe the depth and wealth of experience I gained during that intense period of rehearsal makes me one of the most experienced coaches in London. I have since coached an array of UK talent including The Verbs, All Made Up, Butter Trumpet, Swipe Right, Gibberish Allsorts, The Pina Colliders, City Impro and Improvable.

If you're interested in having me coach you, either as a one off or for a series of rehearsals, fill in the form below to arrange a taster session.

"Chris coached us when we needed some inspiration and guidance and boy, did he give it in abundance! His enthusiastic attitude and infectious joy for improv and people and teaching are just a pure pleasure to be around. We would always end up with new ideas and an extra feeling of bonding amongst the group and we always walked away with a spring in our step and a reinforced love for improv.

Chris is multi-talented and not annoying and they are SKILLZ."

- Kate Bell, All Made Up

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