Cariad Lloyd

Austentatious, Cariad & Paul: A Two Player Improvised Adventure

Chris is a brilliant performer and teacher. I am always astounded and delighted by his enthusiasm in shows and with his sensitivity with audiences, he is truly one of the leading lights of improv in the UK.

Patti Stiles

Impro Melbourne

When Chris Mead steps onto the stage he does so with a true spirit of openness.  His positive energy, respect, focus, listening and support are gifts to his partners offstage and on.

Jill Bernard

HUGE Theater, Minneapolis

Chris Mead is the type of improvisor who makes you happy to be alive just from watching him. His exuberance paired with commitment to the art form is an unbeatable combination.

Sven Lanser

IMPRO Amsterdam Festival

Chris Mead was part of the IMPRO Amsterdam ensemble cast in 2018 and we were happy to have him. This supportive, energetic and very likeable improviser can play with anyone and the result is always a better show. We hope to see him again some time.

Meg Reilly

North Coast, NYC

Getting to collaborate and play with Chris Mead is truly getting to collaborate and play with a master. His understanding of the craft of improvisation is so effortless and a pure delight to witness. He is generous, compassionate and hysterical onstage. His gift is incomparable.

Kaci Beeler

The Hideout Theater, Parallelogramophonograph

Chris Mead is an incredibly delightful, intuitive performer and one of the most insightful directors I've ever met. He gives his full heart to his work - which is an absolute joy to behold for any lucky enough to get to watch him or work with him. Try to not fall in love with him! He's just so damn wonderful.

Roy Janik

The Hideout Theater, Parallelogramophonograph

Chris Mead feels like the brother I never knew I had. I expect a lot of people feel that way, because he is a ball of passion, joy, and unbridled talent. His enthusiasm for improv knows no bounds, and he is always 100% present in whatever he finds himself doing. He is a positive force to be reckoned with.

Ruth Bratt

Showstopper! The Improvised Musical, Ghost Couple

He is such a generous performer - every offer he makes is for the good of the story and to make other's offers look better. It's incredibly selfless and beautiful to see. Utterly delightful.

Trent Pancy

Finland International Improv Festival (FIIF)

The improv stage is truly Chris’ playground - a place where he shines. An incredible performer, Chris is joyful and courageous. His enthusiastic playfulness is grounded by an earnest commitment to be the most supportive improviser on stage. Improv is better because Chris is here.

Kiki Hohnen

Ferocious Four

Chris is one of the most exciting improvisers I’ve ever seen on stage. His improv is unbelievably physically energetic, and he manages to balance what looks like effortless and boundless playfulness with skillful precision in choices that move the story forward. He has a clear instinct for what a scene or story needs. His characters are hilarious and endearing. He also happens to be a very kind and caring human being - he genuinely cares about the cast and supports them both backstage and on stage.

Eva Van Eynde

Improovelicious Festival, Leuven

When it comes to authenticy, Chris walks his talk. You'll find the same core in his teaching, his performance and his off-stage presence. He combines a warm heart, an open mind and a genuine interest in the world with a sparkle of British mischief & magic. You'll not regret inviting him. You'll only regret inviting him for 'always a day too short’.

Jeremie Day-Glider

Barcelona Improv Group

Chris Mead is a treasure! He is an exceedingly generous performer and teacher. Because he never stops performing and learning, he is able to teach on a deeper level with clarity.  The exercises we did in the workshop I took with him were creative, fun, and clearly illustrated the points he was teaching. You know when you walk onstage with him, you will be met with a world of experience, an open heart, playfulness, and joy! Work with this man whenever you have the chance!

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Chris’ approach to teaching begins with empathy and ends with joy. His enthusiasm for improv is infectious, and his knowledge seems to transfer to his students synaptically. Chris can help his students get to the next level, and inspire even the most seasoned improviser to have fun on stage.

Trent Pancy

Finland International Improv Festival, Jada Jada Improv

Always enthusiastic and encouraging, Chris is a joy onstage and off. He clearly loves what he does and this makes classes a delight. Sessions with him are always a highlight of my week. I really lucked out getting him as my first improv teacher. There's no better person to make beginners feel great.

Brendan Way

Duck Duck Goose, The Parentheticals, former student

Chris' overall effect as a facilitator was to create a positive, mutually supportive group dynamic very early on, which then allowed participants to relax, trust one another, take chances, and have fun. He was able to judge where the group was and to provide appropriate direction at all times; he was also effective at guiding the group along while maintaining a feeling of creative freedom. Not everyone can do that -- in fact, most people cannot -- and he did it exceptionally well.



Chris is an amazing teacher. Insightful, gloriously fun and a real inspiration. His love and talent for improv is truly infectious. I could not think of a better guide to take me through the world of improv

Greg Baxter

Gibberish Allsorts, former student

It’s hard to imagine a more friendly and supportive teacher. And it’s a joy to be taught by someone who so clearly delights in the work itself.

Ed Fargher

T-Minus, former student

It’s not often that you find someone who is a great improviser AND also a great teacher. Fortunately for us, Chris is both!  He thinks carefully about how to set up each course so that the students get the most out of it. The atmosphere in lessons is always fun and supportive. I’ve gotten so much out of them whether at the start of my Improv journey or as a more experienced improver. I can’t recommend him highly enough. It’s a big yes and...go study with him (again) from me! 

Kate Sherratt

Nerd Salad, former student

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